Sup, I'm a Brooklyn-based web developer and photographer. I like spending my time cooking, running, writing and trying to learn something new 😎.

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👋 Hello Unsplash friends! I'm happy you're here. If you're in NYC or passing by, let me know! I'd be more than happy to meet up for a ☕, 🌮 or 🍺 and talk about photography or anything else!

— Dan

👋 Hello Exposure friends! I'm glad you've seen some of my stories. I base my Exposure stories around my travels. Here, you'll find some personal stories about photography and different galleries. Enjoy!

— Dan

Photo stories

I write photo stories about travel and wandering on Exposure.

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I upload photos to Unsplash. Feel free to download and use them how ever you'd like!

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🚀 Travel + @halfhalftravel

I co-run a travel Instagram account.

I'm good at taking halfs of photos

👶 Family photos + @halfhalfphoto

I co-run a family photo company.

I've actually cried over spilt milk.