Leave that extra t-shirt and jacket behind. You probably don’t need it.

I am a big supporter of bringing as little as possible and only taking your essentials. I left for a one-year trip and I have been traveling with my stuff for about a month.

Here’s my packing list and how I’ve done so far.

September 19, 2016: I’ve made some adjustments to quantities and items that I currently own.

Carrying stuff

1. 60L duffel
A Patagonia blackhole duffel.

2. 22L backpack
Camelback bag + water bladder.

3. Collapsible backpack
by Tortuga Backpacks.

4. Laundry sack
For keeping dirty laundry quarantined.

Clothes & Accessories

5. 5 t-shirts
Laundry is your friend.

6. 4 pairs of ExOfficio's
They never smell! Jk, they do, but it takes a long time.

7. Flannel shirt
Because sometimes sleeves are the way to go.

8. Hoodie
Works great as a base layer under the puffer.

9. 1 pairs of pants
When shorts don't make sense.

10. Regular Shorts
When it's too hot for pants.

11. 3 light weight running shirts
Because I run a lot and I have a limited amount of t-shirts.

12. 3 pairs of mesh shorts
2 for running and 1 for wearing around.

13. Rain Coat
It rains sometimes and I hate umbrellas.

14. Puffer jacket
For colder climates, hikes, or night time.

15. Running shoes and Gym shoes
For running! And for the gym!

16. Timberland EarthKeepers
These are great as rain boots, hiking, or every day boots. I wear them almost every day.

17. Casual shoes that look good with shorts
Because the boots above look silly with shorts.

18. 2 Pairs of sunglasses
I like sunglasses, ok? Also, one is perscription 🤓.

19. Reading glasses
Because I look at a computer screen a lot.

20. Running belt
For keeping things like keys, phone, and some money for longer runs.

21. Regular belt
Because my pants never fit right.


22. Android 5x
My everyday phone

23. Unlocked iPhone 5s
This actually broke and I probably won't replace it. But it's a good idea for a local data plan / tethering if needed.

24. Amazon Fire Tablet
For longer flights and bus rides.

25. 13" MBP
For computing.

26. 2 power banks
For charging stuff. It's easier to charge your phone or camera with one of these when you have limited power outlets and converters.

27. Running watch
For tracking pace and keeping time.

29. Sony a6000
I downsized all of my camera gear to this. It's a great camera.

30. Power converter
For charging devices in a foreign place.

31. A bee-hive of power and charging cables
For charging all of the above electronics.


32. Binder clips
I use these as a wallet and it's also great for keeping cables organized.

33. Dropbox pro
For keeping my photos and also copies of my passport and credit cards.

34. Google Photos
Because it's awesome.

35. Google Fi
As a cell carrier. You get LTE most places around the world.

36. Passport
For traveling internationally.

37. Chase Sapphire credit card
No foreign transaction fee, travel incentives, and so much more.

38. Fidelity cash management account
You can take money out at any ATM for free, no bank charge and no ATM charge.

39. 2 Lacrosse balls
For rolling out a tight back and other muscles.

40. Quick dry towel
When you need a towel and don't want to carry around a wet towel.

41. Travel locks
Sometimes hostels are sketchy.

42. Carabiner
For attaching things to other things.

43. Water bottle
For drinking

44. Travel insurance
With world nomads, because, you just never know what can happen.

Ok, hmm, this does seem like a lot? Not really. Everything fits pretty nicely in the 60L bag and the 22L backpack. The 60L bag weights about 10kg and the backpack weights about 7.5kg. So, they are allowed on most airlines are carry-ons with no issue.

What’s in your bag? Have any other questions with what’s in mine? Let me know @danielcgold.