Have you ever woken up on a Thursday or a Tuesday and think to yourself:

Yes! It’s Friday – oh no, wait, it’s actually not 😞.

Yea, that’s a pretty bad feeling, isn’t it? So what if you can live in a world where that never happens because every day is a Friday.

Recently, I have been flattening my perception of days of the week. How have I done this and why does it matter?


  • Not setting an alarm.
  • Not having rituals on specific days of the week (I’m looking at you, Taco Tuesdays).
  • Changing my thinking: There are not 5 weekdays and 2 weekend days. Every day is a new day.
  • Not holding back and overdoing it (drinking? eating? partying? anything?) on “Friday”.


I used to be exhausted by the end of the work week. I would save up all of the mental stress and let it go on Friday in what ever way possible. I realized it’s probably not a good thing to do and wanted to make a change.

This is that change.

Also, this was written on a Friday 🤔.