Ah yes, that’s a great idea! Brb, let me immediately post it to facebook, twitter, hackernews, and reddit.

But hmm, actually, this idea hasn’t been fully developed or thought out. So the idea doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Or, maybe, it should’t have been shared at all?

This is something that I have struggled with for many years. I get really excited about an idea and instantly want to share it with everyone. But, because I haven’t give it enough time to settle, my execution wasn’t 100%. Therefore, the feedback I receive also isn’t 100%.

Does “what if you tried that” or “oh this looks weird” or “this kinda looks like {this}” sounds familiar? And maybe your response was “ah yes, I already thought about that” or “I will fix that in the next release” or “oh, I guess it does”? To prevent feedback that you already know, spend the time to execute properly and do your research.

This thought doesn’t mean your proof of concept should be perfect and be shipped with all the bells and whistles. It means it should be something that has thought, solves a valid problem, and is something that you would want to use yourself.