Trying to find a good pair of shorts is harder than goldilocks finding the perfect porridge.

They’re too long.

They don’t have enough flexibility.

The waist stretches out after I buy them.

The belt loop doesn’t fit my belt.

These are all complaints that I’ve had when searching for shorts. This is my 4th month in the Remote Year bubble and I am on my 3rd pair of shorts. The pair that I started with, in Prague, stayed in Prague. European heat and the blend of fabric didn’t mesh (get it?) well. My next pair, that I acquired in Belgrade, was great. They were the perfect length for Eastern Europe style. Perhaps they were Belgrate 😶? However, the combination of not having a clothes-shrinking-dryer and cheaply-made material yielded me with a pair of shirts that would barely stay up without a belt.

I am happy to announce that I have found them, here in Lisbon! My shorts! They’re blue. They’re the perfect. The length is great. They were affordable.

So there you have it. A short story about finding shorts.