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Specialties and working style

I'm an experienced Front-end Engineer with 12 years of designing and creating high-quality web experiences. My continuous build experience in agile environments, combined with with leading engineering teams, a deep knowledge of user experience and expertise in building styleguides and industry best practices has led me to a passion for implementing and overseeing user-friendly interfaces.

Work experience


May 2019 - November 2019

Leading the UX developers through a company rebrand.


  • Create branded reusable React components.
  • Developing a styleguide and deploying styles within React and static templates.
  • Roll out a new Sass workflow and converting outdated CSS files with new branding.
  • Document internal process and create new efficient development workflows.
  • Leading various agile process improvements for team productiveness.
  • A/B test various site features.

Work experience

Triceratops Co.

October 2016 - Present

I created a small agency for web development and consulting. Below are my primary clients for front-end and UI/UX.

Red Antler

March 2019 - June 2019

Worked on improving the UX, page speed, image optimizations and developing new pages for soludos.com.


  • Built a user-interactive React app within Shopify.
  • Benchmarked and implemented a site-wide image and video optimization project.
  • Retroactively applied Shopify Slate to a static Shopify theme.
  • Effectively increased page speed by 30%. Some pages saw a 5-6s total improvement.


May 2017 - December 2018

I built a new Shopify store and maintained a WordPress informational site.


  • Acted as "the web team" and assisted with all updates and new website features.
  • Created a custom Shopify theme.


January 2017 - Present

Travel website and branded content creation company, with clients worldwide in the travel and lifestyle industry.


  • 100% custom-built website using Jekyll.
  • Created an image deployment system with S3 and imgix.
  • Integrated CMS, GitHub-hosted project with Netlify deployments.
  • Built Mapbox API integration for geotagged articles.
  • Optimized structured data, SEO feature-rich and optimized page speed.


October 2016 - August 2018

In-house front-end specialist and transitioned to in-house contracting.


  • Owned and lead the presentational development of Aetion's internal app.
  • Built a styleguide that helped transform a new branding style.
  • Implemented a strategy for deploying a new site theme on top of an active product (using Angular JS).
  • Built presentational React components.


October 2016 - February 2018

Redesigning an internal sales tool for Spotify.


  • Developed a front-end Node.js app with CMS integrations.
  • Built a responsive Spotify app clone that displayed user data from the CMS.

Work experience

charity: water | New York, NY

June 2013 - January 2017

charity: water is a nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries all over the world. As the lead front-end engineer, I worked with a team of back-end engineers in an agile development process. I owned the site maintenance and internal styleguide.


  • Built an internal styleguide and developed an internal design language.
  • Maintained and built all new marketing pages, the custom donation platform and the fundraising platform.
  • Assisted in implementing a new email provider.
  • Created an efficient build process for marketing and transactional emails.
  • Built a front-end build process for asset deployment.
  • Led a project to archive all legacy and outdated static site pages.

Work experience

King Design LLC | Philadelphia, PA

June 2010 - June 2013

Because I was on a small team, I had quite a few roles and responsibilities:

  • Set up clients with their own hosting and managed domain transfers.
  • Created CMS-driven websites from designs.
  • Designed and developed small informational websites for small businesses.
  • Acted as our office IT and tech support department for anyone in the office who experienced issues.