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Specialties and working style

I specialize in writing clean and easy–to–maintain code to make the best possible product. My websites are scalable and performant with clean design at the foundation of my execution. My design background fuels me with passion in making enjoyable website experiences. I work within the agile software development process and check in my code with Git. My passion for travel has allowed me to bring a unique mindset into the world of technical design.

Work experience

Triceratops Co. (Freelance)

October 2016 - Present

Making new and awesome products with web development and photography. Let's discuss!

My favorite professional achievements (2018)

Work experience

charity: water | New York, NY

June 2013 - January 2017

charity: water is a nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries all over the world. As the lead front-end engineer, I worked with a team of back-end engineers in an agile development process. I owned the site maintenance and internal styleguide.

New page development process

A designer mocked up a page, usually a desktop version, and I worked with them to help bring the page to life. We’d collaborate about content architecture and mobile designs, and I would also suggest some subtle animations. Expectations, timeline and quality are all things I considered when implementing the feedback that I gathered.


Bugs happen. I fixed them. We had hundreds of pages that were all controlled by a set of templates. A focus of mine was to cut down on the number of pages and to prevent bugs when we made significant changes. I implemented and co-created a number of helpful additions to strengthen the website, including: a page-archiving strategy, a build and deploy process, cache busting and asset management, better compression and countless refactors.

Internal styleguide

charity: water has a styleguide that every engineer can use to be consistent with branding. I built and maintained this styleguide. It’s written in Jekyll, uploads to Github pages and creates new tags for versioning. The tags help stage different changes and test new features. It’s really cool! This was one of my favorite projects to work on.

Work experience

King Design LLC | Philadelphia, PA

June 2010 - June 2013

King Design is a small creative agency based out of Philadelphia. I was the first web developer at the company. At the beginning, we were making small and simple 5-page websites. I helped strengthen the agency by influencing the implementation of large-scale CMS-driven sites. Offering expert advice and support for hosting, email marketing, SEO and so much more was an important part of my role.

Because it's a small shop, I had quite a few roles and responsibilities: