New Hobbies

Ever since I became more grounded, after traveling with only a backpack for a year, I have found myself exploring new hobbies. Coffee is one of those hobbies. I'm less interested in being a bean-critic and more interested in the process. Making something physical is forever rewarding. Turning beans into drinkable coffee is something that I really enjoy doing.

Good coffee starts with the beans

I'm really not picky. As long as the beans aren't super old, I'm content. I recently signed up for Angels Cup. Every two weeks, or so, I'll get four sample bags of different coffees. I cycle in cups of these coffees with beans from Trader Joe's and from the Park Slope Food Co-op.


Nine out of ten days I use a Chemex with unbleached filter paper. I use a really coarse grind and always wet the paper, first.

Let's go!

Brew time

☕ ☕ ☕

I used to spend a lot of time at cafes and never really made nor drank coffee that much. I still pop into a cafe from time to time and still really enjoy it. I wouldn't say that I ever need coffee, but I like the habit of waking up and repeating this process. I believe the general culture of coffee sparks creativity. Something about jazz (or any good music), that bean smell and a nice mug make something magical.

✌️ Dan

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