Street fair

Atlantic Antic is an annual street fair where a portion of Atlantic Avenue is reserved for, well, a street fair. The fair goes from Downtown Brooklyn and ends in the start of Park Slope (these are not official boundaries).

While trying to avoid the crowds, smoke and overall heat, I managed to take a few street shots to capture my afternoon.

There were a lot of the same types of vendors along the stretch of Atlantic Ave. Most of the vendors were selling arepas, street meat and funnel cakes. I would have loved some water ice (hold the sweet stuff) but it wasn't anywhere to be found. When it's hot, I really enjoy basic ice. It's amazing.

Bring on the snakes 🐍

I overheard "these people act like they've never seen a snack before". I mean, they were really cool! Lots of kids were having a good time with them.

The end!

It was a fun walk down the street. Aside from the vendors and typical street stuff, there were also a lot of fun activities and things to see. The MTA transit museum had old buses where you can walk and sit in. There were balloons, bouncy houses, face painting. It's a fun family day.

Large crowds aren't really my thing. I was happy to end the day in my old neighborhood of Park Slope. The streets were much more quiet and there wasn't any evidence that such a large festival was happening a few blocks away. Business as usual appeared to be the scene in Park Slope.

✌️ Dan

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