A little back story about my weekends

In a perfect world, I don't make plans. Simple, right? I do this because it lends for a flexible "yes" when offered something interesting to do. Now, that doesn't always work. I'll make plans for something to look forward to, like a concert, a trip, a wedding, etc... But weekends are best spent with 0 expectations.

And now back to the regular programming

Becca and I got a call from her parents this morning about visiting the New York Botanical Garden -- in the Bronx. It was a nice day and it seemed like a fun way to spend an afternoon. I enjoy going to places in the city that tourists visit. Maybe they found it on travel blogs or heard about it from friends, but since attractions like this are relatively close, we as New Yorkers really don't go to them.

Off to a rough start

Well, photographically speaking, anyway. Shooting in the harsh noon sun is not easy. Especially when shooting something reflective like flowers and plants. I tried to make it work!

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Back to plants

See what I mean about the harsh sun? WOOF 🐶

Intro to Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly's work is currently being displayed at the New York Botanical Garden. Check out the New York Botanical Garden if you can.

Inside the plant house

I really enjoyed it in here because it was away from the sun. I was melting.


I really enjoyed the plant house and its backyard. There were so many interesting plants and areas to see.

Fish & fish-related stuff

🐠 🐟 🐡


It was really peaceful to be inside, out of the sun, and surrounded by plants #plantlife.

Chihuly + Plants

One of my favorite things was seeing the scuptures integrated with the plants.

Glass blowing 101

There were a few people talking through their process of blowing glass.

We walked up a hill and visited this building with a few more pieces of Chihuly art. I found the building really interesting! The light was doing some cool things near the windows.

It is fall, although it didn't feel like it

It was close to 90 degrees and "fall." It felt more like summer than summer has felt like summer. It was nice seeing "fall-type" of stuff for a change. Can you spot the giant pumpkins? Is that what they are?

Save the best for last

This was the last installation that we visited. There were giant glass sheets over a tiny waterfall. It casted really special shadows in the water.

Every adventure is still an adventure

More recently, I've been focusing on trying to re-simplify everything that I do. After returning back to the USA (after a year of being away) I had lists of 10+, 20+, 30+ things to do. The lists kept on growing and my free time was getting smaller and smaller. It took a little adjusting to balance free time vs. work time vs. unplanned time.

Now that I have a handle on my time, and am some what adjusted to living in NYC again, my time can be spent enjoying surroundings and having new experiences.

Next weekend might be spent traveling to a new city, running long distances, meeting new people or sitting on the couch. I don't know what I'm doing next weekend, and that's what I am looking forward to.

✌️ Dan

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