Still new to the neighborhood

Brooklyn Heights is still a bit of a mystery. I’ve been here for a short amount of time and every corner seems to include a new surprise.

We didn’t get very far in our walk until we found a stoop sale. Can’t beat a good stoop sale. We got 2 plants and a dinosaur. My company is called Triceratops so I am making a small collection of dinosaurs. Fun fact: slugs love to hide in house plants. If you buy a house plant from the street, it may contain a slug — or 4.

House Details

On the way back out (before the slugs) we couldn’t help to stop and take shots of the flowers, doors and house details.

This is not a house

This hidden, but I guess really not that hidden, secret lives in Brooklyn Heights. The 4/5 runs along Joralemon street. This house is the exhaust system / emergency escape / access route into the 4/5 tunnel from Manhattan into Brooklyn.

Continuing on Joralemon Street headed towards the water

Joralemon Street is a big hill that takes you right to the piers and to an entrance of Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s really being built up. Catch the ferry to Governors Island here or start a run in either direction.



1 Hotel

This hotel is really nice. They have a roof top, super fancy pants lobby and a bar + cafe.

Cool art

I didn't read the sign so don't really know what this is. It made an awesome whooshing sound.

Back down to the water

Brooklyn Bridge park is probably my favorite place in the city. Every time I walk through I notice something new. Even if it’s new light or a different angle, I always like it.

👋 West Elm

I am, well I was, trying to find couch pillows.

Washington Street

A day in Dumbo wouldn’t be complete without a famous shot on Washington street. Bonus points if you can get a clear shot without people.

Finding details

After every corner there was almost something new to find.

Well, that was a long day

After 209 pictures, about 7 miles walked, a new bag of groceries to eat and several bottles of water, let's call that a good Saturday.

✌️ Dan

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