74 Places to Find Stock Photography to Use on Your Blog

Last updated on December 19th, 2020

As a photographer and someone who writes for two blogs, I spend a lot of time looking for and thinking about stock photography.

There are three pieces to the stock photography puzzle worth mentioning:

  1. Free stock photography
  2. Paid stock photography
  3. Subscription stock photography

If you want to get right into the list of stock sites, check them out here. Otherwise, I’m going to describe the difference between these models, as you read on below.

Free stock photography

There are plenty of free stock photography sites to choose from. I’ve tried to understand the motives behind why some sites can offer photos for free. In some cases, site owners monetize their traffic.

They know that they can attract people to keep visiting their site searching for free photos. In most cases, this traffic can be monetized by ads or paid partnerships.

The photographer submitting their photos can sometimes be compensated if the site owner had a budget to pay for content. The other ways photographers can be recognized is by attribution or donations.

If you use any photos from free stock photography websites, reach out to the photographer and let them know that you appreciate their photos. I’m sure they’ll like it! I always like receiving notes that people have used and enjoy my photos, especially when it’s on a really cool site or for a quickly-growing business purpose.

Paid stock photography is, well, you pay for photos. This is also more formally known as licensing photography. There are different price points in which you can license a photo.

Usually, this criteria is attached to the usage. For blog posts that are purely informational, the licensing rate is usually low. When you get into any commercial transaction, such as physical product packaging, the price per photo goes up.

When you pay for the rights to use a photo, a percentage goes to the photographer and a percentage goes to the website that you used for licensing.

Depending on the photographer’s status and agreement with the stock site, the rate that the photographer receives can vary.

If you are considering licensing a photo, I recommend reaching out to the photographer and try to work out a deal with them directly. You both can benefit from this 1:1 transaction!

Subscription stock photography

Subscription-based stock photography is commonly known as microstock photography. Because stock photography has been around for a long time, the market is wildly saturated with photos of all types and from all around the world.

The payout structure benefits the photography only in volume. Businesses that offer subscriptions benefit because they receive monthly (or sometimes yearly) recurring revenue.

For example, I am on a few different stock photography sites. For the sites that offer a subscription model to customers, I’ll receive a few cents ($0.10 - $0.30) for every photo of mine that is downloaded.

In order to receive a living wage from microstock photography, you either need a really popular photo, or a huge catalog of photos that get downloaded each month.

My top stock photography picks

Now that you have a better understanding of how the stock photography industry works, I want to share a big list of stock photography sites. Here they are:

  1. Unsplash
  2. Pexels
  3. Shutterstock
  4. NegativeSpace
  5. Gratisography
  6. Pixabay
  7. Rawpixel
  8. Burst
  9. Pikwizard
  10. Kaboompics
  11. Startup Stock Photos
  12. Freerange Stock
  13. Reshot
  14. Stockvault
  15. Foodies Feed
  16. Life of Pix
  17. Free Imaages
  18. Pic Jumbo
  19. StockSnap
  20. LibreShot
  21. Skitterphoto
  22. SplitShire
  23. Pickupimage
  24. freestocks.org
  25. Picography
  26. Little Visuals
  27. New Old Stock
  28. Jay Mantri
  29. Picspree
  30. ISO republic
  31. Styled Stock
  32. Canva
  33. Getty Images
  34. iStock
  35. Flickr
  36. Big Stock Photo
  37. Adobe Stock
  38. Photocase
  39. Offset
  40. Depositphotos
  41. Creative Market
  42. StockUnlimited
  43. Death to Stock
  44. Stocksy United
  45. Stockfresh
  46. 123RF
  47. Dreamstime
  48. Can Stock Photo
  49. Pond5
  50. Colourbox
  51. Fotosearch
  52. Megapixl
  53. Picfair
  54. Nappy
  55. PICNOI
  56. CreateHER Stock
  57. Haute Stock
  58. Styled Stock Society
  59. FreePhotos.cc
  60. Travel Coffee Book
  61. Scatter Jar
  62. Barn Images
  63. Jeshoots.com
  64. Public Domain Archive
  65. Wunderstock
  66. Everypixel
  67. EyeEm
  68. Foter
  69. Cavan Images
  70. Yayimages
  71. Alamy
  72. Twenty20
  73. 500px
  74. Dissolve

First published on December 14, 2020